Personnel news

Olli Oksanen has been appointed Head of HSEQ at Adolf Lahti as of 1.8.2023.

Olli’s job description includes monitoring and reporting of Adolf Lahti’s HSEQ indicators, general management and development of occupational safety and quality, and monitoring the implementation of agreed measures.

Previously, he worked as a supervisor at Adolf Lahti’s office in Äänekoski and successfully carried out the day-to-day safety management.

“Responsibility and safety are the cornerstones of our daily work. I believe that uncompromising safety work and responsible operations give the company a high-quality and good reputation from the customer’s point of view. For my part, I want to invest especially in what we can learn from others and bring these practices into everyday life. Occupational safety and quality must be seen as a common concern throughout the company sector. Safety starts with me!”