Managing Directors season greetings

Dear customers, our staff, and partners,


The year 2023 is ending, and it has been a year filled with both successes and challenges for us. The winter of 2023 saw clear signs of the peak in the forest industry’s boom coming to an end, with processed raw material and final product quantities decreasing. In the summer of 2023, due to the declining trend, we unfortunately had to adjust our operations at certain locations as our customers adapted their production, leading to a depletion of material flows with the turning of the economic cycle. Conversely, we have also initiated new activities significantly in line with the wishes and demands of our customers. A special thanks to our customers for their trust in our services!

On January 1st, we commenced raw timber processing and train loading at a total of seven different loading stations. From the beginning of April, we took responsibility for the raw material processing of UPM Pellokoski’s plywood factory located on the shores of Lake Saimaa, from log sorting to planning. Throughout this year, we have also strengthened our market position, evidenced by expanded contractual responsibilities with our customers. The number of our staff has increased by over 50 employees in 2023, and our spring 2023 employee satisfaction QWL index exceeded 70. We are a sought-after employer, and our entire staff can take pride in their accomplishments. It is good to advance our operations and growth with all of you, and we thank the entire staff!

The year is about to change, and the new year 2024 will bring significant new challenges and opportunities. As the year turns, we will begin serving our customers at UPM Pietarsaari mills with expanded responsibilities in raw timber processing, thereby employing more new machinery professionals in Pietarsaari. As a new customer, Junnikkala Oy, we will start processing and transporting finished sawn timber at Junnikkala Oy’s new Oulu sawmill, which is currently in the start-up phase, during the winter of 2024.

In 2024, we will also announce other new customer relationships. We are continually evolving and enhancing our expertise responsibly in line with customer needs. A skilled, motivated, and responsible staff is our most asset, ensuring a quality customer experience! Before Christmas, we received the results of our 2023 customer satisfaction survey, and we had successfully improved our customer satisfaction.

Our NPS index had increased by +10% during the year. Thanks for the feedback from our customers!

Currently, due to the uncertainty arising from the global economic situation, the market outlook for our customers is unfortunately uncertain, and we must adapt our operations accordingly. However, in 2024, we aim for a turnover of over 30 million, starting the new year with a positive and confident outlook, even though the economic situation may not currently offer the best conditions!


I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2024!

Tampere, December 22, 2023


Pekka Pöllänen
Managing Director
Oy Adolf Lahti Yxpila Ab