Oy Adolf Lahti Yxpila Ab is a modern, professional operator in the machinery business, offering all-encompassing and customer-focused logistics and machinery services for wood, mining, and chemical industries as well as for the commercial sector. In 2024, we operate in 26 different locations all across Finland. We perform smaller as well as large scale tasks with precision and according to the demands of the client.

We are a part of KWH Logistics. In cooperation with our port operator partners, we combine sea and road transports as well as factory and mining industry services into a seamless whole, benefiting our client’s operations.

In the case of material transported through ports, we can provide competitive solutions combining our expertise, the expertise of our port operators, and road and railway transportations. All of this is made possible by our wide network of business partners.


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Key Figures in 2023


Turnover MEUR







35 000

Tons of materials handled daily


Easy fieldwork

The profession of a machine driver is a cleaner and more versatile job than its reputation suggests, suitable for a precise professional regardless of gender.    The profession of a…