Adolf Lahti takes charge of wood handling for UPM-Kymmene in Pietarsaari

Oy Adolf Lahti Yxpila Ab, which is part of the Backman-Trummer Group, will take responsibility for production-related wood handling at UPM-Kymmene’s mills in Pietarsaari. The contract was won in a tough competition with major suppliers in the wood handling sector and it comprises the handling, storing, and feeding of pulpwood, chips and sawdust into the mills’ processes. It also covers the by-products of the Alholma sawmill, which is located in the vicinity of the UPM facilities, and involves the hauling of imported wood chips and pulpwood from the port to the mill.

This is the largest single contract in the history of Adolf Lahti; the volumes in question are substantial. Those of the pulpwood and chips to be handled will rise to four million solid cubic metres and the volumes transported, depending on the amounts imported, to around a million solid cubic metres. The handling and hauling of such large amounts will pose considerable challenges for the operation and maintenance of the equipment and machinery. For feeding the pulpwood, Adolf Lahti has Scandinavia’s first electrical precision crane, which has a working weight of 100 tonnes. Logstackers with a working weight of 85 tonnes each are the principal machines in the wood yard and chips are handled with a 20-tonne purpose-built wheel loader. All the above-mentioned machines operate around the clock for approximately 355 days a year. For hauling of pulpwood and chips, purpose-built semitrailers are used, two of which are connected in tandem. The total mass of a single combination is nearly 200 tonnes, the length more than 37 metres, the width 3.4 metres and the height 5 metres.

Apart from these efficient, ultramodern machines, Adolf Lahti has also prepared to meet the challenges of the new contract by reinforcing its team with additional experts in transport and maintenance. All in all, some 15 professionals with the skill and experience needed to deal efficiently and safely with the fast-paced work will be hired for various stages of the wood handling process.