The first sixth generation mobile harbour crane in Finland

Oy Adolf Lahti Yxpila Ab, which is a part of KWH Logistics, has invested a new, eco-efficient sixth-generation mobile Konecranes Gottwald harbour crane in the Port of Röyttä in Tornio, near the Finnish-Swedish border, in July 2022. The new crane is for handling general cargo and containers is the largest of the six cranes in the Port of Tornio. Crane will be operated by the stevedoring company Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab, which is a sister company of Adolf Lahti.

The new mobile ESP.6 Konecranes Gottwald harbour crane, which has delivered to Tornio, has a outreach of 49 metres and a lifting capacity of 125 tonnes. The crane has more efficient lifting capacity curves, which makes possible to handle cargo from larger vessels more efficiently. The crane is also ready to operate by external power source. When the crane is connected to the port’s mains, there are no local exhaust emissions at all, there is less noise nuisance, and the operation is more efficient. At other times, the crane uses its own diesel generator, which meets the EU phase V emission standards.

“Crane operators have been very pleased with Konecranes Gottwald cranes in ports where our operations have recently started. The handling efficiency and reliability of sixth-generation cranes have been in a class of their own, and the eco-efficient electric drive system supports our sustainability efforts,” says Pekka Pöllänen, CEO of Oy Adolf Lahti Yxpila Ab.