Junnikkala, Rauanheimo and Adolf Lahti start cooperation in Port of Oulu

At the end of 2022, Junnikkala organized a call for tenders for the logistics functions of the Oulu sawmill under construction. Based on the offer, Rauanheimo was chosen as the logistics partner of with a multi-year contract. The contract includes operations at the sawmill, transports from the sawmill to the port and all port services in Oulu. Adolf Lahti, who belongs to the same KWH Logistics business group as Rauanheimo, takes care of the sawmill’s operations and transports to the port.

We were looking for a partner with know-how and ability to manage sawmill’s product logistics as a whole

Product logistics of the sawmill as a whole

“We were looking for a partner with know-how and ability to manage sawmill’s product logistics as a whole, from the end of the production line to international transports. By choosing Rauanheimo, we now also have the service and competence potential of KWH Logistics in Oulu and throughout Finland at our disposal. Rauanheimo’s desire to develop sawn timber logistics in a customer-oriented and cost-effective manner played an important role in our selection”, says Kalle Junnikkala, CEO of Junnikkala Oy.

Rauanheimo and Junnikkala signed a multi-year cooperation agreement. Left CEO of Rauanheimo, Tero Kosonen, right, CEO of Junnikkala, Kalle Junnikkala.

Junnikkala’s production facility at Laanila in Oulu, will be one of Finland’s most modern sawmills. The role of Rauanheimo and KWH Logistics as a long-term logistics partner, will be an important part of the entity. With the opening of the Oulu sawmill, the importance of the port of Oulu as a sawn lumber center will grow significantly.

More enviromental friendly technology

Rauanheimo and Adolf Lahti use the latest technology in their service operations. Electric forklifts will be purchased for the sawmill to process the products, and a mainly on electricity working hybric crane Mantsinen 200 DER, will be purchased for the port.

Reducing the carbon footprint and taking the environment into account in all operations also supports the customers’ responsibility goals. The Port of Oulu is involved in offering environmentally friendly solutions by electrifying the lumber dock.

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