Record-setting investment to Volvo machinery

Adolf Lahti has finished its largest single machinery investment. Volvo CE has provided 12 different Volvo machines to seven different locations of ours between September of 2018 and April of 2019.

One of these newly delivered machines is the Volvo L350H, which was acquired for log handling. The machine started working in late January and by early July, it has reached 2500 hours of usage. The machine weighs 60 tons and works a three-shift schedule at Koskinen OY’s Kärkölä production facility.

Oy Adolf Lahti Yxpila Ab’s newly acquired Volvo machinery includes:

  • 4 pcs Volvo L 120H
  • 3 pcs Volvo L 350H
  • 2 pcs Volvo L 180 HHL High-Lift
  • 1 pc Volvo L 220H
  • 2 pcs Volvo EC 300 EL